Sunday 24 November 2013


Yesterday i had a house party and i was really excited at the start and then i was really angry in the party because my friends were going to come 2 hours before but they ended up coming 2 hours late  and i was really angry at my friends for coming late but i had fun and the party ended up late at 11.45 pm and i was so exhausted and dying to sleep but i couldn't because i had to wait for the guest to go away and i had to sleep at 12.30 am and i got only 5 hours of sleep and i am really exhausted today . pls leave comments if you have experienced this .


  1. Yeah, it can be really frustrating when you plan to have a party but people show up late, but it sounds like you had a good time anyway. What was the occasion? What kinds of things did you do?

    I love hanging out with my friends. I think it is worth being tired the next day.

  2. The occasion was that we had shifted into a new house and we had a party for that .
    We had a lot of games created by me and we had delicious food