Friday 28 February 2014

Day 1 of 30 Blogging Challenge

1) I am in Uwcsea

2) I am 12 years old

3) I am an indian

4) I was born in India

5) I am living in Singapore for about 11 years and 6 months

6) I have no favourite colour

7) I don't have any pets

8) I have a best friend who is Kunal

9) I listen to music evEry morning

10) My favourite sport is soccer

11) I am still learning how to play golf

12) My favourite movie is Johnny English

13) I love playing in the sun and indoors

14) I am very short

15) My pet name is Midget knuckle , DB etc

16) I hate chocolates

17) My favourite subject is Maths , Science , PE , Drama etc

18) I have no siblings

19) I like playing games like Batman Arkham City

20) I hate taking selfies

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