Thursday 6 March 2014

Day 2 of 30 Blogging Challenge

Sorry I haven't been blogging for about a week .

My 10 likes and dislikes


1) I like to play soccer

2) I like to eat home made food

3) I like to eat alot of ice cream

4) I love eating pizza from dominoes

5) I love to watch movies over and over again

6) I like to collect coins and souvenirs from different countries

7) I like to drink a lot of fresh juices

8) I like to play with cute little babies

9) I like to play chess with my parents , friends etc

10) I like to design games and create them on my computer


1) I don't like playing games like minecraft etc

2) I don't like watching animated movies like monsters university etc

3) I don't like different types of clothes

4) I don't like people who are rude to me

5) I hate seasame broccolli

6) I hate getting up early

7) I hate getting low/less marks in school

8) I hate insects coming near me

9) I hate taking a bath with cold water

10) I hate going in the bus and mrt

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