Monday 21 April 2014


a.  What are the fundamental themes that we keep coming back to in the stories we love?
      b.  What is it about these themes that make them endure?
      c.  What do these themes say about us?  the world?  
      d.  What do these themes tell you about being human?
      e.  Why do you think we keep coming back to the same themes?  
      f.  What other questions and ideas do you have about the way we keep on telling the same stories?
      g. Any other ideas you would like to explore?

The basic themes that keep on coming back and forth are love, friendship, trust and family. In some books there might be more that come up but we don't come to know. The start and the ending of the themes is really different from one another. It says a lot of stuff which is surrounding us in this environment. It change the way of life that you are living right now, it can bring some twists in your life. These themes have emotions that can occur anytime in your life and these themes have some type of control over you that can make you cry, feel happy etc. The main reason why themes are repeated in the book because the author wants to make it more interesting for the readers and the author tries to get more attention fron the people and the author wants them to read his books. 

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  1. I agree with your themes and I also agree with the reason people like them. I had similar themes